File No. 881.00/631

The Secretary of State to the French Ambassador

No. 1631

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: Referring to your notes of July 31,2 August 26,2 and October 32 last in regard to the recognition of the French Protectorate in Morocco, I have, as a result of careful consideration, reached the conclusion that, owing to the pressure of business before the Senate of the United States, which would have to approve any treaty entered into between our countries, and in view of your expressed desire that my Government take prompt action relative to the Moroccan situation, possibly the best mode of procedure to be adopted would be to consider separately the question of the recognition of the Protectorate and the question of our capitulatory and other rights in Morocco, as has been done, I understand, by all the European Powers in respect to their relations to Morocco. In order to advance the matter with all possible expedition, I am prepared to recognize in a formal note the French Protectorate in Morocco, and concurrently recommend that the item of salary for our Minister to Morocco in the Appropriation Bill now pending in Congress be changed to an item of salary for a Diplomatic Agent to that country. I am persuaded to make this proposal informally, as I am desirous, as far as possible, to meet the wishes of your Government and your people, to whom we are bound by a traditional and sincere friendship. If this proposal is agreeable to your Government and this step is accomplished, there would remain for further negotiation the question of our capitulatory and other rights in Morocco, which could be taken up in due time.

I shall be pleased, my dear Mr. Ambassador, to hear from you on this matter at your earliest convenience, since if any change such as I have indicated is to be made in the Diplomatic Appropriation Bill, it is essential that it be made as soon as possible.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing