File No. 312.115/329

Collector Cobb to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: Referring to my telegram of July 12, 9 a.m.,2 as follows:

Referring Chihuahua forced loan, American citizen Barron informed by Chihuahua agent Government has repaid eight hundred fifteen dollars on thousand dollar loan, balance assessed and applied on taxes. Anticipate similar settlements for others.

Mr. Johnson, the American merchant and banker of Chihuahua, came up to El Paso last night and returned to Chihuahua this morning. He brought the information that the forced loan had been generally repaid.

I learned from the Chihuahua (Potosi) Mining Company that their loan of $2,500 gold (5,000) pesos is being adjusted by crediting the same upon their export taxes.

Yours sincerely,

Z. L. Cobb
  1. Not printed.