File No. 812.63/380

Ambassador Fletcher to the Secretary of State


8. Department’s telegram 8. This morning I had an interview with the Minister for Foreign Affairs in which I brought the substance of your telegram to his attention. He assured me again that it was not the intention of the de facto Government to confiscate American property under the decrees mentioned and seems disposed to accept [Page 1046] the change. He asked me to embody it in a memorandum which I have done and which he will consider with his colleagues and submit to General Carranza, who is now in Guadalajara, by telegraph. In view of the previous unsuccessful representations with reference to the withdrawal of mining decrees and the assurances given me by the Minister, I feel that it would be not only useless but possibly prejudicial to the success of the plan proposed to renew at this time our request for their withdrawal and I limited my efforts for the present to securing their acceptance of your suggestion. I feel that the representations heretofore made by Parker under the Department’s instruction fully cover us in case an attempt is made to enforce the decree in a manner prejudicial to our interests. I will report progress by telegraph. General Carranza will be absent until the first week in March and I will present my letter of credence as soon as he returns.