File No. 812.63/333

The Secretary of State to Mr. Parker, representing American interests


613. See Department’s 441,11 September 23, and 541,11 November 10, regarding mining decree of September 14 last, and repeat representations you were instructed to make therein, adding following:

[Page 1040]

Present conditions in Mexico are substantially the same as in September last, and, therefore, attitude United States Government towards return its citizens to Mexico remains unchanged. It follows that reasons heretofore advanced by Department in behalf American mining companies against requirement for general resumption of work apply with equal force at this time.

The fact that a few companies near American border have resumed operations should not be used as an argument why others at interior points, or in dangerous localities, should do likewise. However, the Department is informed that this argument is being used by local authorities in the State of Sonora against the American-owned Mina Mexico Company, located in the Sahuaripa District, and it is stated that authorities threaten to confiscate that company’s property if work is not resumed by January 15.

As stated in previous representations, American mining companies need no urging to resume operations, upon return of normal conditions, and in view of that fact, it is most urgently requested that the decree complained of be withdrawn, and that appropriate State officials, including those in Sonora, be immediately notified of such withdrawal by telegraph.

Request to be promptly informed of action taken and advise Department.