File No. 812.512/1531

Mr. De Negri to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary: In compliance with instructions received from the Citizen Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, I have the honor to transcribe to your excellency the following note:

Querétaro, December 25, 1916.

Most Excellent Mr. Secretary of State: By direction of the Citizen First Chief of the Constitutionalist Army in charge of the Executive Power of the Union, I have the honor to address the following note to your excellency.

With reference to your polite note, dated the 12th instant, which Mr. Charles B. Parker was pleased to transmit to me, respecting the decree laying export duties on metals and taxes on mining property, issued on the 1st of May, last, I have the honor to say to your excellency that on my reporting the matter to the Citizen First Chief, that High Mandator saw fit to direct that I declare to your excellency that the subject matter of the above-mentioned representations lies exclusively within the province of the Mexican authorities and that, under the principles of international law there is no ground whatever for its being discussed through the diplomatic channel.

If the companies referred to in your note consider themselves to have been injured by the aforesaid decree they may apply to the authorities concerned and take such steps as they may deem expedient to seek a solution conformable to law and justice.

I avail [etc.]

I take pleasure [etc.]

R. P. De Negri