File No. 812.504/106

Ambassador Fletcher to the Secretary of State

No. 203

Sir: With reference to the Department’s telegram No. 131, April 25, 5 p.m., relative to the report that striking employees of the Compañía Mexicana de Petróleo El Aguila, S. A. at Tampico, had assaulted with weapons American officials of that company, I have the honor to state that, in reply to my representations in the premises, the Foreign Office informs me that the Governor of the State of Tamaulipas rendered a telegraphic report to the effect that orders had been issued to investigate the matter, and to afford adequate protection to the lives and interests of American citizens at Tampico. The Foreign Office also states that according to a report of the Department of War and Marine, orders of a similar nature were issued by that Department, and that a satisfactory solution of the situation had been found.

I have [etc.]

Henry P. Fletcher