File No. 812.504/85

Consul Dawson to the Secretary of State


Strike spread to American Pierce Oil Corporation. Manager, staff and employes driven from plant and threatened. Manager demanded protection and the few policemen sent immediately supported strikers. Tank ship prevented from loading. At the manager’s request I demanded protection and chief of arms categorically refused, openly sided with and insisted upon their right to take measures they consider necessary. Strikers therefore in control supported by I. W. W., Military Governor of the State and local officials, all probably backed by German intrigue.

Only course remaining for me is to ask naval commander to afford necessary protection of American lives in the enjoyment of their rights, which I have done.

Furthermore, I am deeply impressed with the great necessity for some decisive action, alleviating the protection refused by the authorities, in order to curb decidedly antagonistic and in all probability pro-German tendencies of the authorities and save self and citizens worse trouble in immediate future.