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Mr. Parker, representing American interests, to the Secretary of State

No. 642

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s telegraphic instruction 550, of November 14, 1916,6 relative to the protection of American property in the Yaqui Valley of the State of Sonora, and to enclose herewith a copy of my note to the Foreign Office, dated November 15 [10], and translations of the two notes which I have received from the Foreign Office in the matter, dated respectively December 8 and 13.

I have [etc.]

Charles B. Parker
[Inclosure 1]

Mr. Parker to the Minister for Foreign Affairs

No. 212

Your Excellency: I have the honor to refer your excellency to the contents of my note No. 166, of October 26, wherein, by instruction received from my Government, I had the honor to enumerate certain fatal depredations committed by the Yaqui Indians of the State of Sonora upon various American-owned properties situated in that State. I also would refer your excellency to note No. 876, dated November 6, communicated to me over your excellency’s signature, in which note it was stated that, in view of the fact that certain treaties of surrender were being brought to an end with the Yaqui Indians in rebellion against the Constitutionalist Government, the tranquility of the State of Sonora had not been interrupted. The contents of this latter note were transmitted immediately to my Government.

I now have the honor to inform your excellency that I am in receipt of a telegram from the Honorable the Secretary of State of the United States, instructing me to point out to your excellency’s Government that it has failed to reply to the request of the Department of State to be informed concerning the action contemplated by the de facto Government for the protection of American property in Sonora, and that such a reply is desired at once.

I am further instructed to inquire of your excellency’s Government how it can be stated that there has been uninterrupted tranquility in the State of Sonora in view of the depredations upon American properties as set forth by my note No. 166, above referred to.

I have the honor to request your excellency’s early response.

I avail [etc.]

Charles B. Parker
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[Inclosure 2—Translation]

The Subsecretary of Foreign Affairs to Mr. Parker

No. 37

Mr. Representative: Replying to note No. 212, dated November 15, last, in which Vuestra Señoría stated advices had been received to the effect that the Yaqui Indians continued to commit depredations in the State of Sonora, I am pleased to inform you that the citizen military commander of said entity has been urgently recommended to impart protection to properties in that region, national as well as foreign.

I am pleased to renew [etc.]

A. M. Siller
[Inclosure 3—Translation]

The Subsecretary of Foreign Affairs to Mr. Parker

No. 52

Mr. Representative: With reference to your kind note No. 212 dated November 15, last, relative to the information presented to the Department of State of the United States concerning the fact that the Yaqui Indians had recently committed depredations upon American properties located in the Yaqui Valley, State of Sonora, I am pleased to inform you that, having addressed myself, in connection with this matter, to the citizen military commander of said entity, as I informed you in my note No. 37, of the 8th instant, said chief advises this office that it is not true that the tranquillity of that region had recently been altered, and that the properties of nationals as well as of foreigners enjoyed ample protection.

I repeat to you the assurances [etc.]

A. M. Siller