File No. 812.52/417

Ambassador Fletcher to the Secretary of State

No. 583

Sir: In response to the Department’s No. 326 of October 6, 1917, directing the Embassy to obtain and forward to the State Department the names of all Americans who have obtained naturalization as Mexican citizens under the new Constitution, I have the honor to transmit, herewith, copy and translation of a note from the Mexican Foreign Office on this subject, dated November 1, 1917, which encloses a list2 of Americans and Porto Ricans who have renounced their citizenship.

Replying to my inquiry concerning the renunciation by foreigners of national rights in connection with the acquisition and ownership of property in Mexico, the Foreign Office informs me in the note above mentioned that such renunciation is intended to cover only the property acquired by those other than Mexican citizens.

I have [etc.]

Henry P. Fletcher

The Subsecretary of Foreign Affairs to Ambassador Fletcher


Mr. Ambassador: In due reply to the attentive note of your excellency dated October 23, last, I have the honor to transmit a list2 containing the names of [Page 983] Americans naturalized as Mexicans from the preconstitutional epoch to the present date.

Also, replying to the interrogation of your excellency in this connection, I am pleased to state that the foreigners should only renounce their nationality in so far as affecting the property acquired and not in an absolute manner, according to Fraction I of Article 27 of the Political Constitution of the Republic.

Be pleased [etc.]

E. Garza Perez
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