File No. 812.011/12

Mr. Parker, representing American interests, to the Secretary of State


653. Article 123 relative to labor provides in brief as follows:

Eight hour day but no more than seven hours for night shift. This means four shifts for enterprises such as mines which require continuous work. Children under seventeen and women may not work after 10 o’clock p.m. Minimum wage and participation in profits are to be fixed by local municipal committee. All enterprises must furnish dwellings for laborers the rent of which may not exceed one half per cent monthly of assessed value of dwelling. Employers are not liable for accident or sickness of employees; these may strike but employers may not cease production except to maintain reasonable prices and this latter action subject to approval by conciliation committee which is composed of equal numbers of representatives of employers and employees and one representative of Government and which shall settle all differences; if this employer refuses to abide by decision of the committee he must pay the workmen three months wages; employee may likewise demand three months wages if himself or any of his family is maltreated.