File No. 123G98/33

The Secretary of State to Chargé Wheeler


Your March 13. You may say to the Japanese Government that the Government and people of the United States are deeply touched by the many thoughtful and attentive marks of respect which have been shown to the memory of Mr. Guthrie and the many acts of kindness which have been extended to the bereaved wife. Mr. Guthrie’s death is a loss to both countries for his services as Ambassador were exceptional in promoting closer friendship between them. The additional courtesy shown by the Imperial Government in placing at the disposal of this Government a warship to convey the remains of Mr. Guthrie to his native land is acknowledged with much appreciation. The generous offer is gratefully accepted. The American Government willingly gives the assurances asked that the Japanese warship to be despatched will be exempt from the strict application of the rules of neutrality in so far as such exemption is necessary for the successful discharge of this sad mission.