File No. 365.117/583

Ambassador Page to the Secretary of State

No. 772

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith translation of a note received to-day from the R. Ministry for Foreign Affairs from which it will be seen that Guglielmo Andreaccio has been released from military service.

I have [etc.]

Thos. Nelson Page

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs to the American Embassy

Referring to the note of the Embassy of the United States of America No. 1708 of August 3 last, the R. Ministry for Foreign Affairs has the honor to inform the Embassy that the R. Ministry of War, canceling the enrollment of Guglielmo Andreaccio, has arranged that he be free from military service, until the completion of his 22d year, for the eventual exercise of his right to acquire Italian citizenship, as well as his immediate release from the army.