File No. 365.117/451

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Page

No. 469

Sir: The Department has been informed by Mr. Ernest D. Reynolds, of Raton, New Mexico, that Hannibal Donati, who was born in Italy on February 1, 1887, emigrated to the United States with his father on June 17, 1899, claims citizenship through his father’s naturalization in the County Court of Huerfano County, Colorado, on October 11, 1904, and returned to Italy in November, 1913, for the purpose of visiting his former home and relatives in Italy, was [Page 837] impressed into the Italian Army about two months prior to the time when Italy became involved in the present war in Europe, his military address being as follows: “4e Regg a Gemio, 14e Comp Pantere # amata. Zona a Genea.”

Inasmuch as it appears that Hannibal Donati has been prevented from returning to the United States by reason of an unforeseen and controlling exigency, and as he was impressed into the Italian Army, you will please inform the appropriate Italian authorities in regard to his claim to American citizenship and request that he be permitted to return to the United States.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Frank L. Polk