File No. 838.77/157

The Secretary of State to Minister Blanchard


Your January 22, 11 p.m. You will inform Government of Haiti that Government of United States has noted with pleasure and satisfaction its expressions of desire to settle definitely the outstanding differences with the National Railroad Company and that Minister Ménos has informed the Department that he has received instructions to continue his conferences in Washington with representatives of the railroad company looking toward a definite conclusion of this question and that if any point in controversy remains unsettled after conclusion of these conferences it will be referred to Mr. Ruan who will act as sole arbitrator with definite powers to settle any points placed before him.

The Government of the United States in its desire to see this longstanding question settled will still lend its good offices to the further conferences in Washington between Minister Ménos and the representatives of the railroad company on the understanding that the decision by Mr. Ruan upon such points as may be presented to him for settlement, shall be binding.

Immediately upon receipt of this cablegram see Minister for Foreign Affairs and have him confirm Department’s understanding.