189. Memorandum From the Director of the United States Information Agency (Marks) to All United States Information Agency Element Heads1

As I visited our overseas offices, I found that there was no common symbol identifying the USIS operation. In some cases local artists had prepared designs which they thought were appropriate, and in others no symbol was employed.

In order that we may have a graphic symbol that would universally identify our publications, films and other informational materials, I asked Bob Sivard to submit appropriate designs. After reviewing a number, I have selected the one shown below—the torch in the up-raised hand of the Statue of Liberty. This design will hereafter be the official USIA symbol.

Area Directors are requested to advise all posts in your area to use this symbol in place of the variety of designs now in use. When possible, it should be printed in red, white and blue. If a press notice is made of the adoption of the symbol, reference should be made to the following statement by me:

“I hope that in time this symbol will come to symbolize for men everywhere the message of freedom and hope which USIA carries to the world.”

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Bob Sivard will shortly be in touch with you to facilitate carrying out this program.

Leonard H. Marks
  1. Source: Johnson Library, Marks Papers, Box 19, Directors Memos to Area and Media Directors, January–November 1968. No classification marking.