File No. 763.72112/2877

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Great Britain (Laughlin)


3736. F. E. Childs Company, Inc., telegraphs August 23:

This company, an entirely United States corporation having no foreign parties or capital interested, bought from L. Guzman and Hijos, Guayaquil, an entirely Ecuadorian firm, 1,500 bags cocoa for shipment to us for an American manufacturer of chocolate for domestic use. Space for shipment was engaged on steamer Paraiso, an American ship owned or chartered by W. R. Grace and Company, an American corporation, New York, for transportation to New York. Grace and Company are refusing to take shipment for reason that Guzman and Hijos are on British black list. The cocoa belongs to us. To avoid further difficulty we suggested to Guzman and Hijos to sell cocoa for us in Guayaquil, but are informed by them they are unable to do so as British Consul at Guayaquil threatens to blacklist buyers from them. As steamer is about to sail, we ask your immediate assistance through proper channels to have cocoa come forward as contracted for.

Unofficially insist upon prompt direction to steamship company to accept goods bona fide contracted for by American firm.