File No. 763.72112/2895

The Chargé in Sweden (Magruder) to the Secretary of State

No. 659

Sir: I have the honor to report that on July 23, 1916, the Governments of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden telegraphically instructed [Page 436] their respective representatives at London and Paris simultaneously to present a formal reservation of rights, by means of identic notes, in respect of the action taken by the British and French Governments in declaring the Declaration of London to be null and void. The text of the reservation presented to the British Government (together with a translation thereof) is herewith enclosed.1

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs me that the Swedish Minister at Washington has been telegraphically instructed to bring to the attention of the United States Government the joint action of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden herein reported, and earnestly to urge the United States to take similar action in the premises.

The Spanish Minister at Stockholm has already informed the Swedish Government that he is in receipt of a telegraphic instruction from his Government to the effect that the Spanish Ministers at London and Paris have been directed to make formal reservations analogous to those made by the Scandinavian representatives.

I have [etc.]

Alexander R. Magruder
  1. Printed ante, p. 427, in note from the Swedish Minister of July 25, 1916.