File No. 893.00/2384

Minister Reinsch to the Secretary of State


The Cabinet has taken over administrative powers, including those hitherto exercised by the President’s office; also there has been transferred to the Cabinet control over military forces with the exception of the President’s bodyguard which it is arranged to turn over at an early date.

The Cabinet at its meeting today decided: provincial assemblies and representative national assembly to be called immediately; all Government revenues and expenses to be audited, results published; dissident elements to be won over without the use of military forces.

This program meets all demands of revolutionists and while retaining Yuan as the formal head of the Government in order to prevent upheaval and scramble which would follow his premature resignation, evidently contemplates his gradual elimination. In view of the hopeless confusion among the revolutionists this Government program in the hands of influential, responsible officials constitutes the most practicable solution in view.