File No. 812.516/112

The Secretary of State to Special Agent Silliman


Parker telegraphs that decree by Finance Department of December 6, requires holders of paper money issued by State of Chihuahua to turn same over by December 31 to National Treasury for which receipt will be given; that Treasury will exchange such of these bills as are mentioned in decree of November 27, 1914, but others not included will be destroyed at owner’s loss. Decree also requires bills issued by Carranza in Mexico City on September 2 and October 20, 1914, to be turned over to Treasury, where receipt will be given, but without promise of exchange. These decrees are of very broad scope, affect largely foreign interest and apparently make no provision for consideration of circumstances under which bills were issued, floated or acquired by Americans or other foreign interests, and do not safeguard the rights of such foreign interests.

Parker was telegraphically instructed to advise American interested persons that they should not voluntarily comply with decree and that he was not to surrender any bills in his possession belonging to this Government.

Communicate immediately with General Carranza, saying that Department anticipates that he will take prompt and appropriate action to suspend enforcement of decree in so far as it may affect citizens of the United States in order that full text of decree may be had, its scope and effect considered, and the rights of nationals of this country brought to attention of de facto Government for deliberative consideration and protection.