File No. 893.01/75


The Ministers of Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and Denmark signified their readiness cooperate in the recognition of the Imperial Government. Nevertheless I did not intimate to the [Page 56] Chinese Government likelihood of recognition, because, while many reasons speak for ready recognition of a good government representing the only adequate organization at present in sight and animated by progressive ideas of policy, yet it seems necessary to allow the authority of the government in the South to be more fully tested. The decision was rendered difficult because delay and uncertainty would probably encourage the opposition and give scope to unfavorable outside influences.

The Government on January 22 announced that no date had been set for accession. During the week Yunnan forces advanced into Southern Szechuan where the situation remains uncertain. In order to obtain a more accurate view of the situation in the South, I authorized the military attaché to proceed to the Yangtze Valley and the naval attaché to Canton and eventually to Yangtze.

Please inform respective Departments.