File No. 881.00/631

The French Ambassador to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: Referring to the conversation I had the honor to have on yesterday with your excellency, I deem it my duty to confirm to you that my Government is disposed to accompany [Page 808] with an exchange of notes the contemplated convention relative to the abrogation of the capitulations and to the recognition of our protectorate in the French zone of Morocco.

Those notes would stipulate that:

Such American claims as may still be pending in Morocco would be settled in the shortest possible time and in a most conciliatory spirit;
In so far as it may lie in our power the rights of American citizens in the Spanish and Tangier zones shall not be affected by the relinquishment of the capitulations vouchsafed to us in our zone.
Nothing will be omitted to secure in the French zone of Morocco the same equal rights with French citizens as are enjoyed by American citizens in France.
In the event of a mixed court being created in Tangier, the French Government will take in benevolent consideration the ground upon which the American Government might base a request that one of the judges be of American nationality.

Be pleased [etc.]