File No. 312.67/68

Consul Garrett to the Secretary of State

No. 285

Sir: I have the honor to inform the Department that Carlos Dominguez, a Syrian, came in from Monterey this morning with one hundred and twenty one pesos in bills of Banco Nuevo Leon and Banco Nacional, and four pesos Mexican silver, with which he expected to purchase supplies for his family, but when he reached the international bridge, the whole of it was taken from him by the Mexican customs guards, leaving him entirely destitute.

Very few foreigners are aware of this ruling against bank bills and silver being taken out of the country, and I would respectfully suggest that Department request that when the evidence shows that no attempt is made by foreigners to smuggle their money across, but are simply ignorant of the ruling, their money shall be returned to them with the information that they are not permitted to take it out of the country.

I am [etc.]

Alonzo B. Garrett