File No. 812.512/1085a

The Secretary of State to Special Representative Rodgers


Mining decree. Refer to Department’s telegrams June 30, December 28, February 21 and 26 to Silliman, and to memorandums given you in person. You are instructed to take up with General Carranza, at first favorable and early opportunity, the annulment of the mining decree of March 1, 1915. If, after earnest representations, you find that abrogation is impossible at present, you should then use every effort to convince General Carranza that the ruling for the payment of taxes for the last tercio, namely, at rate of eight pesos per annum per pertenencia, be made to apply to taxes now due. Also the metal export duties fixed by said decree should be reduced by one half. Failing in your efforts, endeavor to obtain an extension of 30 days after March 31, for payment of taxes now due.

You will call General Carranza’s attention to the assurances given Silliman, set forth in latter’s telegram of January 5.