File No. 165.102/463a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Gerard)


1518. British Embassy here advises Department two more shiploads of dyestuffs, which were paid for by delivery in Germany of cotton cargoes shipped before March 1 on Guantanamo and City of Savannah, will be permitted by the British Government to pass without interference by British, provided vessels sail under neutral flag. Shipments are made from Rotterdam and dyestuffs are consigned to Mr. Redfield, Secretary of Commerce, for account of Mr. William Mitchell for distribution to the five associations comprising Textile Alliance. Secretary of Commerce has consented to accept consignments and will endorse bills of lading to William Mitchell who is acting under power of attorney from associations. They will give bond for him and other assurances against exportation from United States and for fair distribution here. Communicate this to German Foreign Office and German dyestuffs manufacturers. City of Memphis now in Rotterdam. Carolyn, due there 24th. If assured cargoes, associations will hold Memphis and Carolyn Cable Hague and Washington. This makes four cargoes cotton exchanged for dyestuffs.