File No. 165.102/504

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard )


1629. Berlin’s 2136,1 Department’s 15761 pointed distinction between Department’s 14991 and 1518. Department’s 1576 intended as answer to Berlin’s 2094.1 Arrangement proposed by Metz in Department’s 1499 has since been made impossible by the detention of the two steamers he mentioned, namely S. S. Navajo and Carolyn. The British Government has consented to permit the safe passage of two shiploads of dyestuffs conditionally upon shipment being made from a neutral port. This arrangement was made by the textile industries through counsel in London. The first shipment can be made by S. S. Neches now in transit due Rotterdam May 15. This steamer is scheduled to return May 19, but if full return cargo guaranteed, the steamer might be detained for a reasonable time. Steamer Neches will load approximately 6,000 tons of dyestuffs. This quantity means two months’ allotment now overdue. Obviously impossible under changed conditions to send for the goods at any other than a neutral port, hence Bremen excluded. Could only take the goods from Rotterdam. A second ship will be sent to Rotterdam later on. Return cargo on Neches would be insured in the United States.

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