File No. 165.102/463

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


1930. Following my 1919, 13th,1 I have received from Sir Edward Grey the following memorandum:

1. It is understood that the German Government have agreed to release from their embargo two shipments of dyestuffs destined for the United States, representing the March and April supplies necessary for American industries, such dyestuffs having been paid for by the delivery in Germany of the cotton cargoes carried by the steamships Guantanamo and City of Savannah which sailed from the United States before the 1st of March 1915.

2. In these circumstances His Majesty’s Government have given directions the ships carrying the two consignments of dyestuffs shall not, on the ground of such carriage, be interfered with on their voyage to the United States provided that: (a) The ships sail under a neutral flag; (b) the shipments are made from Rotterdam; and (c) the dyestuffs are consigned to William C. Redfield, Secretary of Commerce of the United States, for account of Mr. William A. Mitchell who will distribute them among the members of the five associations comprising the Textile Alliance who shall comply with the terms and conditions imposed alike on all members.

American Ambassador
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