File No. 763.72111/643

The German Ambassador (Bernstorff) to the Secretary of State


J. No. A 2116]

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to draw your excellency’s attention to the announcement made in No. 260 of the Daily Consular and Trade Reports, published by the Department of Commerce, under No. 14333 of “Foreign Trade Opportunities,” page 607, of the opportunity to deliver war material to the English Government.1

Since the offices of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Trade are, as I have come to learn, at the disposal of the agents of foreign governments to help the transaction of business between them and American manufacturers, I beg your excellency kindly to let me know whether their activities as go-betweens also include delivery of war material.

Accept [etc.]

J. Bernstorff
  1. For the substance of the item referred to, see the Secretary’s answer of January 15, 1915, post, p. 579.