File No. 768.72111/252

The German Ambassador ( Bernstorff ) to the Counselor for the Department of State

My dear Mr. Lansing : Although you told me, when I last had the pleasure of seeing you, that according to the neutrality laws of the United States nothing could be done in the following matter, I beg to draw your attention to the facts mentioned below:

Purchase of horses for the English Army: 31,000 in St. Paul, Minnesota; 12,000 in Chicago, Illinois; 5,000 in Cincinnati; 1,000 in Evansville, Indiana; 500 in Lexington Kentucky.

Japan purchases field guns, ammunition, etc., through Mitsui and Company.

Winchester Arms Manufacturing Company, New Haven, has delivered 500,000 rifles to the London Armory since August 5. Japan orders dynamite from the Hercules and the Giant Powder Company, all available quantities.

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Russia purchases from powder trust (Du Pont Company) 1,000 tons powder for cannon, 1,000 tons powder for rifles, shipment via San Francisco.

I know t that I cannot make any complaint in this matter but I only wished to draw your attention to it, because every cargo of arms and ammunition, etc., which is sent to Europe must necessarily prolong the war, and this does not seem to be the wish either of the American Government or the American people.

Yours very sincerely,

J. Bernstorff

P. S. I further hear that a French general and a French senator are staying at the Bethlehem. Club, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where they are ordering arms, etc., at the Bethlehem Steel Works.