File No. 811.113/21

The Secretary of the Treasury (McAdoo) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Confirming a telephone message to your department, I have the honor to state that this department has received from the collector of customs at Juneau, Alaska, the following telegram dated the 31st ultimo:

May shipment of war ammunition and equipment belonging to Canadian Government pass in transit through Alaska from Dawson to Vancouver?

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To which telegram this department replied, at your suggestion, as follows:

Wire what shipment Canadian war ammunition and equipment consists of, what route it would take, whether it belongs to troops in motion, and any other particulars of importance.

The collector has replied in the following telegram dated the 2d instant:

Shipment consists of one mounted Maxim gun complete with 2,500 rounds ammunition destined Mounted Police, Regina, routed Canadian Pacific to Vancouver unaccompanied by troops.

I will thank you to advise me as soon as possible whether or not your department perceives any objection to permitting this shipment to pass through Alaska.

By direction of the Secretary,

A. J. Peters

Assistant Secretary