File No. 841.711/9

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State 1


938. Sir Edward Grey informs me that numerous private letters are being forwarded to the British Minister at The Hague by American [Page 540] representatives in Germany through our Legation at The Hague for transmission to the United Kingdom and expresses his opinion that in view of the facilities which now exist for the transmission of letters between enemy countries through neutral states there is no longer any occasion for sending private correspondence through official channels. He therefore requests me to suggest that the Ambassadors at Berlin and Vienna be asked to issue instructions to the consular officers under their supervision no longer to accept letters for forwarding to the United Kingdom.

American Ambassador
  1. Repeated to the Ambassadors in Germany and Austria-Hungary, October 81, with direction to “instruct all consular officers as requested” (File No. 841.711/9)