The Acting Secretary of State to the British Ambassador ( Spring Rice )1

My dear Mr. Ambassador: The Department has received several communications from American citizens claiming that letters addressed by them to relatives or friends in Germany have not reached their destination. In a letter dated September 182 Mr. George S. Viereck advises the Department that he sends letters by practically every steamer to Europe and that no letter of his which has been forwarded since the 29th of July has been received in Germany. He states that the letters in question were written to various people but that most of them were addressed to his father and mother, who are American citizens, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Viereck, Südwestkorso 8, Friedenau, Berlin.

I am bringing this matter informally and unofficially to your attention in the hope that you may be able to suggest some course which would tend to eliminate complaints of this character in future. I am writing also to the French Ambassador on this same subject.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Lansing
  1. The same to the French Ambassador.
  2. Not printed.