File No. 811.712/18

The Postmaster General (Burleson) to the Secretary of State

Sir: With reference to your personal inquiry you are informed that since the breaking out of the war in Europe the mails for the various European countries have been going forward at every opportunity and by the most expeditious steamers and routes available. Mails for all countries, including Germany and Austria-Hungary, are being despatched three or four times a week. After the despatches [Page 533] have been made by the steamers sailing from New York to-morrow no mail for any European country will be left on hand at New York.

The mails for the different countries are forwarded by the routes which will not require them to pass through intervening countries with which the countries of destination of the mails are at war. Letters and other articles contained in said mails should reach the addressees in due course.


A. S. Burleson