File No. 711.0012/429

The Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard ) to the Secretary of State


Asked Count Bernstorff who is at country place to accompany me Foreign Office about peace treaty. Received reply: “Sorry will not be in Berlin for some time. Am afraid no use taking steps about peace treaty.”

I again took the matter up Von Jagow, Minister for Foreign Affairs, but regret to report absolutely no chance Germany signing for reasons stated in my previous despatch.1 All parties unanimous. Von Jagow congratulated us on the success of your Mexican policy.

  1. The telegraphic despatch referred to, dated February 19, 1914 (File No. 711.0012/280), follows:
    American Embassy,
    Berlin , February 19, 1914.

    Wish that I could report that there was some chance of peace treaty like Salvador or Netherlands but there is no probability whatever of Germany signing. Have not only tried regular authorities but have made other repeated efforts and talked with professors, members of Parliament, etc. Find public opinion here against treaty, not on the ground that they are unfriendly to the United States but because if they signed with us they might be asked to sign by some European nation and if they refused that nation refusal would seem hostile and to sign would be to throw away the advantage Germany has as the result of great sacrifices in being European nation readiest for immediate and decisive blow in war.