File No. 763.72/20

The Austro-Hungarian Ambassador (Dumba) to the Secretary of State


No. 171/res.]

Excellency: By direction of my Government I have the honor to make the following communication to your excellency:

In view of the results of the investigation of the assassination at Sarajevo of His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, and of the systematic stirring up of the Slav population of the Monarchy in the south now carried on for years by the Kingdom of Servia, the Imperial and Royal Government finds itself constrained to demand of the Royal Servian Government certain guaranties that further agitation be prevented.

The Imperial and Royal Envoy at Belgrade has therefore delivered a note to the Royal Servian Government, on the 23d of this month, asking it to accept a number of demands in this connection within forty-eight hours.

Accept [etc.]

C. Dumba