File No. 763.72/1238

The Ambassador in Turkey (Morgenthau) to the Secretary of State


38. Minister of War called yesterday to apologize for search at British and French Embassies. He stated Ottoman Government would use moderateness towards British and French. I [re]monstrated that yesterday’s proclamation of holy war of Islam might [Page 133] arouse the religious fanaticism of Moslem masses. Also the danger of the movement getting beyond their control and attacking all non-Moslems; that should organized massacres occur the Turkish Government would lose the good opinion of the United States, and Bulgaria notwithstanding her present friendship for Turkey might side with the Triple Entente. I strengthened the latter argument by informing him that Bulgarian Minister had spent one hour with me that morning. This impressed him. Minister for Foreign Affairs informed me that Turkey had an understanding with Bulgaria and that the latter might attack Servia. Italian Ambassador, Bulgarian Minister, and myself are greatly concerned that methods now used by Turkish Government, encouraged by German influence, will lead to serious trouble. As neutrals we are cooperating to prevent it. Yesterday mob justified our apprehension.

To-day they are destroying Russian chapel at San Stefano erected as monument to commemorate Russian victory over the Turks in 1878. I have spoken to German Ambassador and intimated Germany’s share of responsibility in the event of massacres of non-Moslems; he thought Germany and Austria fighting with Turkey, and German officers being at the head of Ottoman forces, there is no danger of such massacres. Bulgarian Minister will also appeal to German Ambassador.

American Ambassador