File No. 763.72/1156

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State


As the Sublime Porte had not replied to Russian Ambassador’s request for his passport, Italian Ambassador and I, at the request of Entente Ambassadors, called on Minister of the Interior and explained to him the advisability of the Sublime Porte acting promptly, so as to avoid any unfriendly mob demonstrations against Ambassadors. Minister of the Interior informed us Sebastopol had been bombarded. He promised to comply with our request, and answered us positively that every courtesy would be extended to Ambassadors, and that British Ambassador and French consuls would be granted safe-conduct. Russian consuls must remain until Russia has accorded safe-conduct to Ottoman consuls. English and French Ambassadors demanded their passports to-day. Perfect quiet prevails in the city. Port of Smyrna closed to-day.

American Ambassador