File No. 711.673/35

The Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard ) to the Secretary of State


130. Following communicated to the Department at the request of German Foreign Office:

Great Britain, France, and Russia have given to understand at Constantinople that they were willing to agree to the abolition of the capitulations in case Turkey remained neutral. Turkey replied that her neutrality was not for sale, but on the other hand drew the consequences and published an imperial irade, proclaiming the abolition of the capitulations.1 The ambassadors of the powers signatory were advised accordingly by the Grand Vizier. The German Ambassador at Constantinople has informed his colleagues that he was willing to discuss the situation with them should they so desire.

It seems that meanwhile rumors are spread by the representatives of Great Britain, France, and Russia that the capitulations were abolished at the instance of Germany. This is evidently done to make Germany responsible for the consequences and put all the blame on her in the eyes of the neutral powers.