File No. 711.0012/540a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau )


Am much gratified to learn of arrangements made for education of war minister’s brother and sons at Robert College. It is an excellent sign. I am wondering whether it would be possible for you to secure Turkey’s agreement to a treaty similar to those which have been signed with other countries. We have now signed twenty-seven treaties, the last five being with Great Britain, France, Spain, China, and Russia. Germany and Austria have endorsed the principle and we are hoping to secure treaties with them soon.

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Treaties with Greece and Sweden have been authorized and will be signed shortly. While I prefer to have the treaty signed here so that it can be presented immediately for ratification, I would not insist upon it if the Turkish Government preferred to have the treaty signed there. I think I have sent you copies of the Netherlands treaty which is the form most generally followed. The differences in the treaty are only slight, the general principle being the same in all. If you have a copy of the Netherlands treaty please bring it to the attention of the Government and say that we are willing to agree to any reasonable change in detail. If the Government desires to see copies of the British, French, and Russian treaties shall be pleased to send them.

W. J. Bryan