File No. 763.72/751

The Ambassador in France (Herrick) to the Secretary of State


18. Following in brief the substance of remarks made to me to-day by the President. He began by saying that he was aware of my desire to remain in Paris and had requested me to come to the Elysée in order that he might thank me in the name of his Government for my decision as he felt that my presence would be an influence for maintaining the principles of international law and had already caused the Spanish Government to reconsider their determination to instruct the Spanish Ambassador to leave Paris. The seat of the Government was to be established elsewhere but nevertheless the struggle would be continued to the end and his Government would not accept any terms of peace. He appreciated my view that historic monuments and art treasures did not belong to any one nation but were international in their character and hoped that my presence in Paris would constrain the enemies of France to observe the customs of war; France asked for no more. He added that the City of Paris would be defended by the outer forts, by the inner forts, and by the valor of their troops.