File No. 763.72112/146

The Acting Secretary of State to the Spanish, Ambassador (Riaño)

My dear Mr. Ambassador: The Department has received a cable message from the American Ambassador at London informing, it that in compliance with instructions to cooperate with his Spanish colleague he and the Spanish Ambassador have had a conference with it Edward Grey regarding the suggestion of His Majesty the King of Spain that hospital supplies be declared neither contraband nor conditional contraband. Sir Edward Grey, who heartily assented in principle to the representations made by, them, asked that the Governments of Spain and the United States define exactly what constitutes hospital supplies and submit such definition to all belligerent governments with the proposal that those supplies be declared neither contraband nor conditional contraband but be free and be expedited everywhere. The Spanish Ambassador made the suggestion to Ambassador Page that the matter be taken up by the Department with your excellency in order to save time.

In compliance with the request of the Department, the American Red Cross Society has furnished a list of articles which have been supplied by that society and a list of similar articles coming under the same headings, copies of which lists are enclosed for your information.1

I should greatly appreciate a telegram from your excellency stating whether the enclosed lists meet with your approval, and, if not, an early conference with you on the subject.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing
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