File No. 763.72116/73

The Consul General at Antwerp (Diederich) to the Secretary of State1


Your October 2 for Gibson. Absent. Telegram from Whitlock to Department communicated Belgian Government who reports:

Belgian Government accepts proposition German military authorities Brussels relative protection historical monuments. None of these will be used for military purposes. American Consul will be authorized to verify the agreement. Impossible telegraph comprehensive list. German military authorities Brussels will receive delegate from American Consul who will hand them plan city indicating monuments to protect. German military authorities requested to make known to American Consul when and where these plans may be handed to military authorities. Belgian Government begs American Government to communicate the preceding to German authorities. Monuments to be protected will be given the distinctive sign provided by Hague convention.

  1. The message of the Belgian Government transmitted to the Minister in Brussels via Berlin, No. 24, October 5.