File No. 711.673/42

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State


I presented protest against abrogation1 to Grand Vizier. He and also Minister of War, who was at Vizier’s residence, assured me separately and voluntarily that the Ottoman Government has no intention of interfering with our schools and missionaries or curtailing their rights and privileges. Both were very solicitous of retaining the friendship of the United States. I stated that notwithstanding their promises the United States Government would have to stand on its rights. None of the other Ambassadors have taken any further steps since filing their protest.

Cruiser Breslau with two torpedo boats went into Black Sea this morning. German Ambassador informed me that they were sent there merely to demonstrate to Russia and Roumania that Turkey controls the Black Sea, and that there is no intention of attacking Russia. He also said that if Breslau is not molested the Turkish Government intends parading some other warships in the Black Sea within a few days. German Ambassador also told me that if Roumania attacked Austria, Turkey and Bulgaria would immediately move against Roumania. Russian. Ambassador yesterday sent about thirty cases from his Embassy to Odessa.

  1. Abrogation of the capitulations. For the instruction, September 16, to make this protest, see Foreign Relations, 1914, p. 1093.