File No. 763.72/571

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State


Your cipher telegram August 19, 9 [8] p.m. When you inform me of decision to send ships, shall I spread the information? Unrest is constantly increasing due to fears of war with Russia and expected internal trouble. Russians have already placed in our Embassy some of their valuables. British Ambassador greatly agitated about safety of his staff and their families in case war should be declared and British ships force Dardanelles. Have arranged with Robert College that if emergency arises I take possession of it and provide quarters and food for entire American colony and English and French diplomatic families. Russian Ambassador will it that case leave on his stationnaire. Shall have Scorpion anchor in front of college. Have worked out all details of protection with Commander McCauley and military attaché of British Embassy. Am personally not in the least alarmed and feel that I can protect the colony. Making these provisions has already quieted everybody. Am communicating these details so that if shock comes and communications are cut of, you can reassure all inquirers.