File No. 763.72/530

The Ambassador in Turkey (Morgenthau) to the Secretary of State


Have received following telegrams from Smyrna and Jerusalem respectively:

Governor General has stated to Greek Metropolitan in case of bombardment or occupation he would burn city and massacre foreigners. Christians and Europeans greatly frightened. Number British families have left. Americans repeatedly calling Consulate for protection. Tension British-Turkish relations contains gravest possibilities. Repeat request for war vessel.

Military authorities seizing supplies of foreigners. Protests unavailing. Violation of domicile continues. Sixteen thousand troops concentrated Nablouse without visible support. Reign of military terrorism. Great distress prevails. American Jewish community beseeches financial aid and food from America. Will you transmit appeal? Urgent.

Have obtained through cooperation of Vice Consul Heizer equivalent of $57,850 in Turkish gold for which I gave my draft on you as owners would not part with it for anything else. This furnishes help for everyone and relieves you from sending gold. I have distributed the same as follows: Scorpion $8,900, for which I shall send their draft on the Secretary of the Navy; $17,800, which amount on your demand will be deposited with you by Frank H. Wiggins, 14 Beacon Street, Boston; Bible Society $4,450, which amount will be deposited with you on your demand by Foulke Bible House, New York; College for Girls $4,000, for which I shall forward check on Boston; Kendall, contractor of the same, the sum of $2,675, as collateral for which he gave me Boston check on Girls College for $5,000, which I am forwarding, and when check paid, I desire to advance him the rest; Robert College $5,000, Which will be repaid to you on demand [Page 759] by their treasurer at 99 John Street, New York; Consul General $1,856.55, for which I am forwarding you his drafts. The rest I am retaining for myself and to help stranded Americans. My New York office will, when requested by you, send you a check for the shortage which may exist when the drafts are presented. As the urgency the situation compelled my acting without authority, I shall personally assume all responsibility. Situation here extremely critical. The Grand Vizier assures me no danger and Governor General’s conduct will be investigated.