File No. 763.72115/198

The Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard ) to the Secretary of State


689. Department’s 532, 20th.1 Schwarzschild has been working as volunteer here. Is naturalized American but served one year in German army. He went to London to close up some German branches, discharge employees, etc. For that reason I purposely gave him no credentials and I am sure he is careful to act only so far as English laws will permit. He also took to London [?] an English lady named Wild expelled from Germany by the police and believed by me to be insane. Of course I did not send him to inspect camps but if he is permitted to look at camps it may do good, as he knows many people in Berlin and there is a fixed belief here that German prisoners are barbarously treated in England. Have received Anderson’s report on German prison camps in England. This covers only three camps. I expressly asked for report on Newcastle and others. German Government perfectly willing (see your 498, 26th) to have Anderson from American Embassy, London, inspect camps here but desires that some one from this Embassy shall inspect camps in England and also in Russia and France.

  1. Not printed.