File No. 704.4167/18

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State


108. American Consul Aleppo telegraphs that local officials, stating that they acted upon instructions from Constantinople, notwithstanding Consul’s refusal, broke American consular seal on door of room containing archives of British and French Consulates and took them away. As day after day Ottoman officials are becoming bolder, do you approve that I demand immediate return of archives, punishment of guilty officials, apologies from the Sublime Porte and assurances that such violations will not be repeated?

American Ambassador

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau )


110. Your 108, 3d. You should request immediate return of archives and explanation from the Sublime Porte and assurances that such violations of the seal of the United States will not be repeated.

In presenting this urgent request use discretion, remembering that we use only moral persuasion in our efforts to give protection to other nationals and are not under obligation to use force. Our ability to serve other nations depends upon our maintenance of cordial relations with the Ottoman Government.