File No. 763.72/1226

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State


18. Turkish authorities are absolutely wild because they cannot find a wireless apparatus that is being used clandestinely to give information to Russia whenever any of Turkish war vessels enter Black Sea. Yesterday they, without even notifying me, entered the British and French Embassies and Consulates and Servian Legation, ostensibly to search for wireless apparatus. I immediately strongly protested orally to Minister of the Interior who apologized [for the] matter and stated the police had acted under orders from military authorities without his knowledge. He immediately sent for chief of police and made him apologize in his presence. I then protested to Minister of War who admitted giving order to find wireless but disclaimed all blame for entering diplomatic premises as he had not given any detailed directions, putting all blame on police. He said that he would call at Embassy to formally apologize. Police authorities sealed Russian Embassy. To avoid their attempting similar action with those in my charge I sealed them myself for one week only, because at the end thereof they should either have discovered the offender or be convinced that the embassies and consulates have not been used as stations. Unfortunately they found some firearms in British Consulate and only yesterday I was informed, when police wanted a locked room opened, that it contained 80 rifles, 90 pistols, 9,000 rounds of ammunition in [British Embassy]. I have informed chief of police of above fact without [stating quantity] and he has agreed that I should adjust matter with Minister of War. I fear that this [quantity] may create very bad impression. Perhaps I had better keep Embassy sealed [indefinitely. Kindly advise me.] Police seized two horses and three carriages from the British Embassy and six horses from the French Embassy. I have entered most emphatic protest against this. Italian Ambassador and I have prepared written protests similar in principle which we shall deliver to Grand Vizier to-day.

American Ambassador