File No. 763.72115/83

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


753. Foreign Office has requested this Embassy to keep it informed about arrangements being made in Berlin for repatriation of British subjects in Germany, particularly advance notice of the time of their expected arrival and the number coming. Have already transmitted this request to Gerard who has given me very meager information in reply. Foreign Office now informs me that Gerard has been telegraphing through American Minister Copenhagen to the mayors of Folkestone and Harwich and to the Lord Mayor of London giving information about the parties expected to arrive and asking them to organize relief. The Foreign Office adds that this has caused misunderstanding and confusion and dislocated its arrangements with the shipping companies for meeting these people and bringing them back and the hope is expressed by the Foreign Office that in future Gerard will communicate with any department of the British Government only through this Embassy and not direct with any local authorities in Great Britain.

American Ambassador