File No. 704.6361/1

The Austro-Hungarian Ambassador (Dumba) to the Secretary of State


I am desired by Count Berchtold urgently to inquire whether Government of United States is disposed in case of rupture of our diplomatic relations to entrust protection of Austrian and Hungarian citizens and interests in Russia, France, Great Britain, and Montenegro, to the American missions and consulates in these countries. In case of an affirmative answer my Government would be obliged by [Page 733] urgent instructions given in this sense to the American missions in St. Petersburg, Paris, London, and Cetinje. The earliest possible answer is expected in Vienna.


The Secretary of State to the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador (Dumba)1


Answering your telegram received to-day this Government will, if conditions require it, be pleased to comply with your Government’s request and give diplomatic and consular protection to Austro-Hungarian citizens and interests in Russia, France, and Great Britain with the understanding that such action will not prevent this Government rendering similar assistance to other governments under like conditions if such request is made. We regret to say we have no representative in Montenegro.


  1. Repeated to the Ambassadors in Russia, France, Great Britain, and Austria-Hungary.