File No. 138.4/29

The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State


310. Your unnumbered, undated telegram re Karl Gudde.1 Acting under instructions in your number 44, September 13,2 Embassy has been issuing limited passports to persons who have lived in United States three years and have declared their intention to become American citizens and have sojourned abroad for less than six months. As Foreign Office here does not recognize consular registration certificates as equivalent of passports, Embassy has also issued passports to wives of persons of this class. Inform if this is approved.

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The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Gerard)


338. Your 310, 25th. You should not issue passports to declarants of German birth. Law does not authorize issuance of passports to wives of declarants. Consuls may register and furnish them certificates specifying their status. Ask permission of German Government for their, departure with such certificates in lieu of passports.


  1. Not printed.
  2. Erroneous reference; should be the foregoing telegram.